Levinthos retreat center is situated at the southern part of Heraklion region just 200 meters away from the village of Lentas. Lentas is a small coastal village 75 Km away from Heraklion city and the distance can be covered by car in 1 hour and 10 minutes approximately. The road is passing through many traditional villages of the inland Crete, the plain of Messara and the fascinating rocky mountain range of Asterousia.

The region is optimal for an undisturbed stay away from the hectic pace of city life and combines relaxation with physical activity such as swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Libyan sea or walking along the verdant trekking routes of the area.

The place has preserved its natural beauty due to the fact that there are many underground antiquities. The climate of Lentas is mildly hot and dry allowing visitors to have a swim most of the time of the year. The bay is well protected against the wind and the waters are always crystal and clear.

There are also many beautiful beaches both on the west side like “Ostria” and on the east side like “Diskos”, which extends on the opposite side of the rock of “Lion”. If you like walking you can reach both beaches (Ostria and Diskos) on foot since they are not far away from Lentas. The area has also many hidden beaches such as “Loutra” and “Trafoulas” which are 10 minutes away by car. Specifically, for the beach of Trafoulas, you have to cross a little gorge about 15 minutes but the sight will fully compensate you since it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete.

If you are fond of climbing you can climb up the mountain of the “Lion” (on the west side of the bay) where you will be delighted by the spectacular panorama of the Libyan Sea.

Finally, if you prefer driving, in about 45 minutes to 1 hour, you can reach very famous destinations of south Crete such as Matala, Preveli and Agia Galini or archaeological sights of Faistos or Gortyn.