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Lentas (means lion in greek language) owes it’s name to the magisterial rock in the western side of Lentas bay, which looks like a sitting lion. According to the Egyptian symbolization, the lion indicates the Cosmic Law.

Lentas has a great history with the oldest tracks of remainders being located at the stone era. Lentas became famous across its borders because of the Asklipio Temple ( 4th century BC ).  Asklipios was the god of medicine, healing and rejuvenation. People went to the temple to be healed. They slept overnight and reported their dreams to a priest the next day. The priest would prescribe a cure, to visit the baths or drink the healing water of the area .Visitors from all over Greece and North Africa visited in that time the magnificently equipped hot springs with their welfare-bringing water.

From the huge windows of the yoga hall you can face the immence Libian sea, the elephant rock Ganesha .
In Indian tradition God Ganesha is worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth or known as Lord of success.



15/6 – 19/6 5 Days Yogaayam Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Retreat in South Crete

1/7 – 28/7 Yoga Teachers Training 200 Hrs

Family Yoga Retreat in Crete with Nicki and Vasso 3/8 – 8/8

Anahata Yoga & Therapy 1, Music and Yoga Massage, Crete 19/8-26/8

Anahata Yoga in Crete, Yoga & Music Retreat / 40h CPD Intensive

26/8-2/9 Anahata Yoga & Therapy 2, Workshop, Crete

Rebirth yoga movement and Biodynamic breath retreat 3/9 – 10/9


Yoga Retreat Kreta 7/10 – 14/10